Distribute unique coupons to all users and during happy hours the coupon will change graphics and what conditions it hold.

Set up coupons for a longer period and automatically switch between active/inactive in the happy hour periods of your choice.

Run a happy hour campaign e.g. for 3 months. Automatically the coupon graphics change if it is happy hour (active campaign) or not. Same does the conditions of the unique code.

Happy hours may be weekdays 9am-11am, only Tuesday 5pm-9pm or full day Saturdays and Sundays. When do you need more traffic?


Below are two example campaigns from 7-Eleven Denmark. Outside happy hours the coupon image is communicating when happy hour is and the code is inactive and won´t work with the point of sale system. Within happy hours, which in this case is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 17:00-00:00 the offer is showing and the unique coupon code is active.


Below is an example from Pressbyrån Sweden. Outside happy hours the coupon image is communicating “appears when it is dark”. Inside happy hours (when it is dark) it communicates “therapy for the dark” with a good offer on a Swedish specialty bakery item. The back-side of the coupon communicates the exact timing of happy hours. The image updates automatically every day at 08:00 and at 15:00. Similarly the unique coupon code is activated/deactivated.