Falling objects is a low barrier game that all customer can enjoy in your campaign.

Objects fall down the screen and you should tap on these before they hit the bottom of the screen. If they do, you are out! But if you manage to tap all falling objects you get to the next level, and then the next and the next!

If you want to make it more difficult for your customers to succeed in the game, add a joker. The customers need to avoid the joker, unless they are game over.



You can only play for rewards a limited number of times. This is defined in the game wizard in our dashboard. Typically retailers and brands allow play for prize once a day. Automatically play for prize is activated for the app user the next day – throughout the remaining campaign period.



You can play for fun as much as you like!

Sharpen your skills before playing for reward. Or just enjoy the game and earn points to get your nickname on the high score list.



Try the below demo falling games by clicking on the image or scanning the barcode using your iPhone.




This concept requires multiple images and descriptions. To ensure the best possible customer experience, please consult our campaign operations guide before creating your campaign.