Make sure that it is easy to register. When it is quick and easy for the customer to join your program, more customers will sign up.

Liquid Barcodes system makes it very easy to recruit because you can gather information in multiple steps and remind customer to leave more information. Therefore, you can keep the required information on initial registration to a minimum.

We can use any customer ID for registration, but in our experience, phone number is often the best ID. For most customers, phone number is persistent over time and it is harder to generate fake phone numbers than, say, setting up temporary email or social media accounts. Phone number also facilitates friend recruiting because users have them readily stored in their phone books and we can check whether your friend’s phone number is already registered. Phone number also makes it easy to connect your app to supplier brands marketing efforts so they can help you recruit to your program.

New number? No problem. Assign the new phone number to the existing user profile in our user support tool.

Use Liquid Barcodes activation module to send automatic survey to app users after registration to capture more customer data like e-mail, gender, age.

Device ID and operating system is always captured at registration and populated into the members database. Further there are a number of identifiers that can be useful to capture after the registration process: e-mail ID, Facebook / Google+ / Twitter account, and payment card ID. If another system holds the master ID of the customer Liquid Barcodes can use a CRM ID provided as the unique identifier.