Drive traffic to store with discounts! Customers love good offers!

Liquid Barcodes unique coupons support all standard discount types such as percentage, amount and quantity discount – and discounts based on basket size.


Coupon examples from 7-Eleven Denmark


Distribute unique coupons to consumers through apps, sms, e-mail, social, web and print. A unique coupon can be single-use or multi-use. Control the distribution so that one consumer only get one coupon.

The unique coupon code can hold conditions like a rebate percentage/value or a tender value. Or a combination to both reduce the price on the product (rebate) and pay (tender) the product.

The unique coupon only work if a specific product or product combination is purchased. There may even be an additional basket size condition for the coupon to apply.

The unique code is linked to the consumer typically through the mobile number or another persistent identifier allowing for consumer insight and 1:1 follow-up actions.