Test your customers´price sensitivity by automatically improving the offer during the campaign. For each day, the offer gets better until it´s depleted. You only get one – or none! How long do you dare to wait?

Distribute unique, single-use coupons to all app-users with a cap on in-store redemptions. With Chicken the campaign communication includes that this is a limited offer, e.g. only 500 available in-store redemptions. Only the first 500 app-users to redeem their coupon will be able to.


Chicken example from 7-Eleven Denmark: 500 Monster starting at 15 DKK, 5 NOK reduction per day. The coupon was depleted on day 2 at 10 DKK.


Chicken is a mechanic where consumers can´t see how many remaining coupons there are and where the coupon changes rebate level from day 1 to day 4. Typically on day 4 the product is free.

It is a single-use coupon so you can only use it once, do you take it now or do you dare to wait until tomorrow? Maybe 500 others do not dare to wait…and you are too late!

7-Eleven Denmark used their owned social media channel to promote in app offer.

Chicken campaign earned 7-Eleven Denmark 6x fold increase in activity on Facebook and 2x as many downloads as normal.