Customers are busy people. Their attitude towards customer programs is like water, flowing where there is least resistance. Make sure your program is easy to use.

Liquid Barcodes can help retailers make it simpler to be a loyal customer through automatic receipt processing after the transaction has been completed. Even when our Advanced POS integration is not suitable for you.



It is important to create a link between the transaction and customer. Both for aftersales actions and to collect data.

The primary way to register purchases is by registering the payment method, e.g. your payment card or mobile payment app. This can be done in the terminal in store, in your app, or directly in mobile payment apps.

However, you could use any other way of identifying the customer in store, eg. scan member card, contactless, NFC, beacon etc.

For all registered purchases , the POS or back end sends the receipt and user reference to Liquid Barcodes system.



Make sure your customers do not lose out on stamps they are entitled to.

Through receipt analysis, we automatically determine whether the customer is entitled to any stamps or not. We automatically give stamps on any registered purchase and issue rewards to the customer.

If the customer does not use her rewards, we can send reminders, for example shortly before expiry, to promote the app.



Through receipt analysis we can issue Promote, Reward and Engage content.

For example, brands can distribute coupons to customers that buy – or do not buy – their products.

Customers with large baskets can win scratch cards or coupon rewards.

Or a wide variety of other purchase related mechanics you want for your campaign.