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Big Bite: Stamp Cards and Friend Referral Program

Big Bite is a franchise-operated chain of 60 restaurants. Big Bite offers quick and affordable healthy food-to-go like subs, wraps and salads. Subs are freshly made baguettes with fillings served cold or hot. Customers can choose from a wide range of tastes.

Big Bite have chosen Liquid Barcodes´ technology to power their app. Big Bite´s program is fun and playful utilising games such as memory, scratch card, tap it and falling objects to engage the “bigbiters”. Also promotional mechanics like hurry, chicken, happy hour and share and care is making sure the program is able to keep an engaged app audience.


The core of the Big Bite app are the stamp cards on 1/1 and 1/2 sub menus, wraps menu and coffee. Furthermore Big Bite users can recruit their friends and get recruit-a-friend rewards and any reward can be shared app-to-app between the bigbiters.

Big Bite Gratis

Big Bite

Students can identify themselves in the app and get special offers only available for students. Also shopping mall employees can visit a Big Bite restaurant, show their employee ID and get a code that is registered in the Big Bite app to avail special offers. Big Bite uses Liquid Barcodes´customer group functionality for this way of personalising content in the users´apps. Big Bite employees can also register with the app and use a unique “employee-only” code to get content in the app which is only for employees.

Big Bite app screenshots

Every now and then app users can rate the shopping experience (1-5 stars). In the store finder customers – and employees – can see the number of ratings each store has and their average rating. Store managers and district managers can follow-up on how their stores benchmark across the network and by region.

Download app here.

Big Bite Menu

Big Bite Menu

Big Bite Menu

Big bite stipe

Big Bite Menu