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With Liquid Barcodes you can fast track!  This article explores a summer campaign idea which is utilising our fast-track loyalty product. With the fast-track loyalty product you ask for consent for future marketing communication with the customer, i.e. you build digital distribution and you get customers to opt-in to your (future/existing) loyalty program. In the customer front end you deliver a rich web-based “hub” of content – a web app experience – that allows you to engage with the customer throughout the entire summer.



To summarise – the flow of our ideas-to-go summer campaign looks like this:

summer campaign






The mechanic is in short the following (choose your own products and attractive prize):

  • advertise across medias: “buy freshly made juice & win the holiday of your dreams!”
  • every customer that buys a freshly made juice gets a printed voucher with unique code – a ticket to scratch and win the holiday of her dreams.
  • customer goes to campaign website to register and redeem the code and once redeemed get the promised content in her web app: a digital scratch card. The customer scratch – and may win. If she does not win the big prize (only a few lucky ones do) she may win a smaller prize. This may be multiple of your own or suppliers´ products – vouchers to redeem in store. The vouchers may be free samples or discount coupons. In the same web app there is more content which do not require purchase of products to get. There are simple probability games and potentially even a performance game or two. The games refreshes every day with a new chance to win. In these games (which may be supplier branded and supplier financed) you also win vouchers to redeem in-store.
  • customers come to store to redeem their voucher before expiration


It´s fast-track because everything IT is already ready. No integrations required, no development work. You only need beautiful graphics to upload in our self-service dashboard campaign create wizards. Lets have a closer look at the flow.



1. Advertise across medias

Advertise across mediasUtilise the media channels you know works well for you. In some media channels you communicate only the top message of the campaign: “buy freshly made juice and win the holiday of your dreams”, in other medias you may be more tactical and promote the URL. This can be done simple in media channels like OOH and print by showing a QR code to scan to get to the webpage. In banner ads you can easily link people to the web app by a call to action to click the banner. Remember also that you can easily do your own custom URL and redirect to our URL. The easier the URL the better. Maybe you control

Here is an example of OOH advertisement of our ideas-to-go summer campaign:

OOH advertisement



2. Buy and win

Both BUY and WIN is important here. BUY is what´s in it you, but you have to make it attractive to consumers too.

You want to drive sales on a particular product. In our case we want to drive sales of freshly made juice. In your case it may be energy drinks, sodas, ice-cream, food etc. Choose a product which is a key volume and traffic driver for you during summer. Part of the equation is probably also your supplier brand partners. Which partner is key for you during summer and what campaign can you create together with this partner? This involves also help on getting the big attractive prize and maybe even social media and paid media advertisement efforts.

Note that a “buy and win” mechanics means a purchase based lottery. In some markets this is not allowed. Make sure you can do “buy and win” before you dive into further planning.

You need to have a prize that allows you to advertise the campaign big and that gets consumer´s attention. Something that stands out! Understand your target consumers and discuss with your brand partner. Often your brand partner have access to attractive prizes via their sponsorships for example. This may be events like a football world championship.

Customers that buys freshly made juice gets a printed voucher with a unique code. This is a single-use code and can only be used once. It is validated in the webapp and instantly content is available in the webapp – the digital scratch card. To create these printed vouchers you do a codes campaign in our dashboard and define the number of unique codes you need. This may be a million codes – or maybe even 10 million codes. You send the batch of codes to your printing agency which prints and distribute the codes to your stores. You may consider putting a layer on top of the code for the consumer to scratch to disclose the unique code.

Here is an example of a printed coupon for our ideas-to-go summer campaign:

print coupon



3. Digital engagement (and consent) on campaign website (web app)

The customer goes to by either scanning the QR code on the printed voucher or typing the URL. She has to register to get her unique content and the registration secures GDPR compliance and consent for future marketing communication. Make sure to align terms & conditions text with your current (if any) loyalty program so that you use the campaign to effectively recruit. The mobile number of the user is captured and a pin is received via SMS for secure login. The consumer also need to put in birthday to confirm age above 13 years old (age limit dependent on market) and thus avoid parental consent requirements (GDPR). If you desire to capture more information on each consumer like e-mail address use our survey functionality.

Once in, the web app prompts the user to favourite the url. Now all unique content is available. On top there is information about how to redeem codes received in-store after purchasing freshly made juice. Further down there is engaging content like probability and performance games.

For simplicity of this demo (scan the QR code below or click on the image) the “scratch & win the holiday of your dreams” campaign is already in the app – and re-fresh every day with a new chance to win. Try see if you win, but remember – it is only a demo and we will not fly you around the world!


scan the QR code

The more freshly made juice you buy, the more chances to win! And every-time a customer buys juice in-store she is reminded to go to the campaign website – the web app.

In addition the web app contains other games than the “big prize” scratch card. And these games are not purchase-based. They re-fresh every day in the app with a new chance to win. What this nudges is the repeating behaviour of customers proactively coming back to the app every day to play. It becomes somewhat addictive and matches perfectly with your ambition to engage. This makes it very attractive also for your supplier brand partners to join in on. Trust us – consumers will revert back by themselves to play. The more days they play the higher probability they will return tomorrow. You can fill the app with more scratch cards (e.g. on different products, with different brands), or with other probability games like popping balloons, wheel of fortune. You can also have performance games like memory, tap it! or falling objects.

scratch and find game demo with coffee

Use select prize to allow the user to choose the reward they play for – or use it separately to allow choice of deals in the web app.

choose your deal sandwich option



4. Traffic to store – reward redemption

The customer gets rewards from games which can be redeemed in-store. The fast-track solution uses our manual redemption method. This means that the marketing loop is closed on a consumer level and a coupon can be single-use. At redemption the consumer is asked to accept sharing of location. If she does our system automatically allocates the redemption to the nearest store within 100 meters.

redeemm sandwich



A note on employee engagement

For most convenience and foodservice retailers summer means also summer part-time employees in stores. Campaign execution may suffer from store managers being away on holiday and a majority of your summer staff are not as well trained as your regular staff. Solid execution often start with involvement off staff and employee engagement. Our proposal is to do exclusive content in the summer campaign that engages your store employees. It may be that your products are not the most attractive prices for your own employees. Therefore it can be relevant with import of 3rd party codes (e.g. cinema tickets, HBO, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon etc) for prizes. In our ideas-to-go summer campaign we chose cinema tickets. Also here you give single-use paper codes to the employees and they input the code the same place in the web app as the main campaign and then instantly: their spin-the-wheel game. The game refresh every day with a new chance to play – and for you a new chance to engage with them. For simplicity of this demo the game is already in the web-app and refresh every day with a new chance to play.

spin the wheel game to win cinema tickets



Do you want to avoid asking for consent and do a simpler solution? Check out this fast-track campaign idea.

Check some examples of fast-track loyalty: Circle KWenzel’s.

Sing up Fast track campaign


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