One off campaigns using our most engaging concepts. No IT project!

1. Fast track is really FAST!

You can easily get started today! No IT project, no integrations required. Ready, set, go! Read More

Our fast-track digital campaigns product makes it quicker than ever for convenience and foodservice retailers to create digital marketing campaigns that truly engage and drive consumers to their stores.

Set up your own branded landing page to distribute games and rewards using our self-service dashboard. Promote landing page link in any social media and paid media campaigns to drive customers to your stores. Customers redeem their digital coupons on their own smart phones – no IT integrations required.

All you need are wonderful graphics with your own brand and products.

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2. Gamification creates engagement

Engage consumers on their mobile with simple and fun games. Gamify your campaign to entertain and win their attention. Add your brand and products to our template games and enjoy true engagement. Read More

Gamification creates attention and ultimately brand loyalty. Live loyalty is just more fun, engaging and entertaining. Engage your customers by giving them fun and rewarding “me time” on their mobile. Let them win rewards they crave for to redeem in your stores.


To get a sense of what our content feels like test these demo campaigns by clicking on the picture or scanning the QR code with your iPhone camera. Type in your mobile number on the landing page and you will receive a game on SMS.




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3. Connect any marketing channel

Our landing page functionality helps you activate your campaign across any marketing channel. Paid or earned media. Digital or analogue channels. Read More

The campaigns landing page become the entry point for consumers to get the unique campaign content either if it is a game or a coupon. They type in their mobile number to receive their unique game link, they play, they win and they redeem their reward in your stores.

When you advertise in digital channels with mobile or desktop banners you can easily link to the landing page. When you make a post on social media for your followers or you run an ad on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder etc you can also easily link to the landing page. In analogue channels such as print or out-of-home you can encourage consumers to scan a barcode with their mobile to access the landing page. For TV or radio ads create a simple URL for your landing page to promote the campaign.

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4. Easy campaign operations

You create and manage the campaign from our self-service dashboard. Real-time analytics is available on your mobile. Let us take you through every step. Read More

Step 1: fill in the form below and we will give you credentials to access our self-service dashboard. Once you are in you are all set to start creating campaigns.

Step 2: Review the relevant assets for campaign creation. We have made available both how-to videos for our dashboard and graphics guidelines for all our game and reward concepts.

Step 3: Set up your first campaign. You can easily set up test campaigns and demos before you make your first real campaign. Use the dashboard to introduce your team, important stakeholders and supplier brand partners to the different concepts you like. Once you are ready – set up the real campaign and get ready to launch!

Step 4: Once you are live real-time statistics on campaign performance is always available from our dashboard. Log in any time on desktop or mobile.

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Fixed monthly license.€11 per store
Minimum license per month€1100
SMS fee.

5. Cost effective, simple pricing model

No IT investments. No set up fees. Low monthly license. Fast track campaign is the ideal product to start with. Read More

Fast track is designed to be easy – also commercially. We have a simple pricing model. The licence fee depends on your number of stores and is fixed per active calendar month: Small (up to 99 stores) – Medium (100-199 stores) – Large (200 stores and more). SMS is the only variable element.

You can use the solution for as long as you like, no upgrades required. We want it to be easy to get started with digital marketing campaigns.

When you are ready, we can support you to upgrade to a fast-track customer program or a fully integrated one with a more advanced customer front end and in-store redemption process. Our wide range of products ensures that we can support you from the your next marketing campaign to a world-class customer program.

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