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Wenzel’s The Bakers is a British bakery chain with over 90 locations and in operation since 1975. “Born and bread in London, Wenzel’s started as one family’s sweet dream and has risen to be a community favourite”. The company is founded upon the values of community, giving back, and sustainability. 

Wenzel's The Bakers Christmas Campaign items

“Love Christmas, Love Wenzel’s”

With the help of the experts at Liquid Barcodes, Wenzel’s launched a Christmas campaign.  Customers could win either a free coffee or a free treat such as a sausage roll, jam doughnut or a Christmas sweet treat.

For many brands, Christmas is the most crucial sales period, and the time to invest in strategic marketing campaigns that increase their holiday turnover and boost brand awareness. The key to a successful Christmas marketing campaign like Wenzel’s lies in knowing your target audience. Today’s consumer is not only more digitally aware, but also more demanding with regard to the kind of engagements and experiences they expect, particularly younger customers, like Gen Z or Millennials.

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Wenzel's Christmas Campaign Ad

Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Cupcake infront of tube station Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Christmas tree biscuit Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Phone dessert Wenzel's Christmas Campaing: Wenzel's SandwichWenzel's Christmas Campaign: London cake Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Queen Cupcake Wenzel's Christmas range of products Wenzel's Christmas Coffee Wenzel's Christmas Campaign biscuit Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: UK Cupcakes Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Buckinham Palace Sandwich Wenzel's Christmas Cadbury Cake Wenzel's Cake Wenzel's Christmas Campaign Dessert Wenzel's Christmas Breakfast Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Croissants with Jam Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Rudolph cake Wenzel's Christmas Hot Chocolate Everyone loves a Wenzel's coffee cup Wenzel's Churros con Chocolate Wenzel's Christmas Campaign sweet treats Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Cupcake Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Lotus Donut Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Chocolate Doughnut Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Gingerbread Wenzel's Christmasy doughnuts Wenzel's Christmas Campaign: Ferrero biscuits