Retail Vision TV round table with Shell, 7-Eleven, Applegreen

Mats Danielsen, CEO Liquid Barcodes


This article was originally published in Global Convenience Store Focus.

This three-part video series was filmed at the 2017 NACS Show in Chicago; a roundtable discussion covering key industry topics. The series features: Klaas Mantel, General Manager Global Convenience Retail, Shell International, Joe Barrett, Chief Operating Officer, Applegreen, Victor Paterno, CEO, 7-Eleven Philippines, Mats Danielsen, CEO, Liquid Barcodes and our own Dan Munford.

In episode one we ask: “Are we in the restaurant business?” As we see the rise and rise of foodservice in the convenience industry, our participants look at how this is reflected at the NACS Show; comparing US offerings with those elsewhere, as well as discussing the pace of global trends, but the importance of looking locally too.

Infrastructure is key to the success of foodservice; “It’s really really hard to get into foodservice if you don’t operate your own chilled distribution”, but it’s about the “combination approach” according to our quintet. They reveal how the infrastructure of foodservice works for their companies.



In episode two of our industry leaders roundtable filmed at the NACS Show – ‘digital lifestyles’ we question whether the industry is moving fast enough. Has the convenience industry sufficient capabilities and digital skills? Is it prepared for greater regulation like GDPR and live loyalty? Perhaps the future is happening first in Asia? We hear how 7 –Eleven successfully utilise Facebook in the Philippines, how Applegreen has revolutionised back office and how Shell makes transformational use of data in its new global category management portal.



In episode three we ask if we are sufficiently prepared to shape the future? In 2017 there are 700m cars globally and only a few million are EV. By 2035 there may be as many as 400m electric cars. But the total market is also expected to have grown by then too – Shell expects there to be over 2 billion cars by 2035. So, globally, petrol and diesel look set to grow, but within the context of a new energy mix, also including other fuels like hydrogen, as Applegreen open their first hydrogen fuelling site in the US.



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