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Paula Thomas, Chief Content Officer, Liquid Barcodes


We’ve written previously about Repsol as a leading innovator in fuel retailing worldwide, and their leadership and execution of products and programmes that drive their customer’s loyalty continually inspire us. As well as over twenty years of insights from its partnership with the iconic retail group “El Corte Inglés“, it boasts a branded credit card as well as a portfolio of discounts across the car, shopping and leisure categories in order to deliver a clear value proposition for customers across its network of 3,500 stores in Spain as well as operations in 35 countries worldwide.

In the last two weeks, the brand has announced two exciting enhancements for customers so we wanted to update you on these here.

Before reviewing those, having written recently about the increasing demands from customers for sustainable initiatives from energy companies to help minimise their carbon footprint, we were impressed to learn of Repsol’s ‘eco-store’ in its home city of Madrid, launched eight years ago in 2011. Located in the neighbourhood of Argüelles, it is described as “the world’s first sustainable service station” and we were impressed to learn that more than 7,000 newspapers were used in its construction, that it collects rainwater for reuse in irrigation and that the concept that won numerous design awards and sustainability certification, including approval of the Historical Heritage Commission of Madrid City Council.

This is also the store used for this month’s launch of the “Way & Go’ concept.

The “most sustainable service station in the world” in Madrid, Spain.  

1) Scan & Go:

The big news is the introduction of a digital “scan and go” feature which eliminates till queues and effectively simplifies the payment process for  its “Way & Go” users. It saves members the need to queue at a till to scan their items. Instead they use their own phone to scan the barcode of each of their purchases, then scan the total at the designated point to simply pay by phone.

The video below shows how easy the whole process is (and how beautifully designed the store is) and to help non-Spanish speakers (like myself), we’ve even had the spanish voice-over script translated for you below also.

Repsol’s Innovative Scan and Go Feature in its flagship Madrid store. 

“Waylet, Repsol’s payment app, makes things easier with Repsol ‘Way & Go’. Open Waylet from your device and start scanning products with ‘Way & Go’ – you only need your device. Add all the products you want, with ‘Way & Go’ anything is possible. Tomato jam, orange smoothie, grapes. Validate your basket and pay at the ‘Way & Go’ point of sale. Agile, fast and easy to do. Save money and time with Repsol ‘Way & Go’.”

2) Mobile Payments and Discounts in El Corte Inglés:

The second announcement this month is an enhancement to the Repsol payment app which is already a popular payment facility in the brand’s own convenience stores as well as over 3,500 partner stores.

The Repsol app is now also usable in “El Corte Inglés” stores and is being supported by a generous discount promotion in both partner stores as described in the video below. Repsol app users will also enjoy access to ongoing exclusive offers in El Corte Inglés stores nationwide.

Check out the video below with our english version of the script also to help explain how users use the app:

“Did you know that you can now pay with Waylet at the El Corte Inglés stores? To celebrate this, if you download the Waylet app between June 17th and 27th you will receive €10 for free! €5 to use at the El Corte Inglés for purchases over €50, €5 to use at Repsol for purchases over €30. If you are already a Waylet user, Waylet gifts you with €5 discount in the El Corte Inglés shops. Moreover, every time you pay with the Waylet app at the El Corte Inglés you will receive a €5 discount on Repsol’s fuel. Enjoy the exclusive advantages offered by Waylet, Repsol’s payment app.”

We like this inclusion of existing members in the launch promotion. While rich offers are critically important to acquire new users, it’s important to prevent disappointment for your early adopters too, those who’ve previously downloaded the app. Generous offers that are restricted to new users are frustrating for loyalty programme members to see, as they can be seen as almost being penalising for having joined up earlier.

Repsol and El Corte Inglés continually support both businesses to maximise the partnership’s value.

With initiatives like these two in the last two weeks alone,  it’s no wonder that Repsol continues to excel globally, earning net revenue of €2,341 million in 2018, continuing to delight shareholders perhaps even more than their loyalty programme members and partners. We’ll continue to review and review on Repsol as a case study example of best practise in customer experience, retail innovation and loyalty marketing excellence.

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