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HMS Host & UMOE Restaurants: Airport cafes and restaurants

Across airports HMSHOST-UMOE allow guests to provide immediate feedback on their dining experience. Instantly after feedback is given the guest receives a thank you reward – typically a free coffee. Simple as that!

wagamama give feedback

HMSHOST-UMOE asks only two questions to their guests;

“In your opinion, how can we improve?”

“How likely is it you would recommend us to a friend”

The second question is the standard NetPromoterScore question which allows HMSHOST-UMOE to benchmark their score over time and across restaurants. From a restaurant manager perspective she receives immediately an e-mail when the guest has completed a survey with the survey response. This way she can action the feedback immediately either if it requires operational improvements or simply sharing the great feedback with the rest of the team!


In the cafes and restaurants guests are encouraged to give feedback. They can scan a barcode with their phones to get to the branded landing page where they enter their mobile number.

The entire flow from the SMS works seamlessly in the guest´s browser. Once the survey is completed a reward is loaded and by a click of a button it is redeemed by the employee, then showing it is valid and finally that it has been used. The reward also is valid for a defined number of days from survey completion and will also expire if not used in time.

Puro gusto give feedback



Each cafe or restaurant has their own branded experience although the structure of the flow is the same and the survey questions are the same. Some examples below.

Two Tigers:

two tigers give feedback



starbucks give feedback


TGI Fridays:

TGI fridays give feedback


HMSHOST-UMOE can easily add an extra motivation for the guests to provide feedback – a chance to win a travel gift card. Guests are engaged with a simple scratch card game once they have completed the survey. Most guests do not win, but get a consolation prize – in this case with the restaurant Food Truck Festival – a free soda!

Food Truck Festival give feedback


Food Truck Festival




operates these concepts at airports across Norway

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