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Feature in Focus – Segmentation

This article discusses the importance of creating customer groups or “segments” so that you can always share your most relevant content with your members. Segmenting your messages and offers leads to better conversion rates. Better conversion rates mean better customer experiences, and better customer experiences means higher lifetime value. So, by using segmentation, you create […]

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Feature in Focus: Net Promoter Score

We have written extensively about understanding the impact and profitability of your loyalty program, including a number of articles showcasing the importance of measuring your “Net Promoter Score” as the “one number you need to grow“. We have even done a short five-minute video explaining its importance as perhaps the single most important metric used […]

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Feature in Focus – Refer a Friend

This article and video are part of our “Feature in Focus” series where we discuss our “refer-a-friend” feature. This is another of the incredibly effective tools our clients use to build membership in their loyalty programme. Discover how our retailer customers are using our recruit-a-friend concept to engage with their app users and drive app […]

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Feature in Focus – Automation

As the world’s only loyalty marketing platform designed exclusively for convenience retailers, we have a unique understanding of the key marketing success factors that are critical in your business if you want to achieve true customer loyalty. And our top priority is helping you operate more efficiently while communicating effectively, so this article discusses the idea […]

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