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Circle K Norway did a wash & win campaign where all media communication was about a clear message: wash your car at Circle K and get the chance to win a e-Golf! Across all medias including TV, radio and banners this message was delivered. And on the Circle K stations the campaign was made big both outside and inside. For Circle K´s Extra Club members (loyalty club) it was communicated “double chance to win”.




Customers that washed their car received a printed voucher with a unique code. Extra members got 2 printed voucher each time they washed their car. On the printed voucher a landing page was communicated “” and here the code was validated. Once validated the customer could type in their mobile number to receive a digital scratch card via SMS.

scratch card via SMS


The customer scratch and instantly wins – if they´re lucky! 10 lucky winners – 1 per week of the campaign – won a ticket to the final lottery of the campaign and immediately they won a 5000 NOK gift card. If they won a survey was issued to the user to capture name, address and e-mail. Once the customer had completed the survey they also got a SMS text message with information about next steps.


Text sms with information



Most customers did not win the e-Golf, but were lucky anyway. They won prizes such as a free coffee that they could redeem in a Circle K station close to them.

Circle K station


The redemption process was simple, using our manual method where customers click a “redeem now” button in-store.

redemption process


Lots of different products were used as prizes.

alle premier


Customers that did not win was encouraged to play again later during the campaign. Wash your car again and every time you get a new chance to win!

Wash your car and get a new chance to win


Watch the below Retail Vision video featuring Jacob Schram, Circle K´s Group President Europe, Christoffer Sundby, BU leader Circle K Norway and Mats Danielsen, CEO Liquid Barcodes. Circle K is one of NACS International Convenience Retailer of the Year 2018 finalists. The video also showcase the “wash & win” campaign (04:35-08:45).



To promote the campaign in the initial week Extra Club members got a free chance to play. A game was distributed via e-mail to the entire Extra Club member base as part of a Newsletter focused on carwash.

Circle K Extra Club