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Carlos Bonilla

General Manager

"At Liquid Barcodes I get all I need: new challenges everyday and an amazing team to face them; I'm just an ordinary manager with an extraordinary team!"

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Madhava de la Ossa

Project Manager

“I greatly enjoy working with customers on every continent and drive solutions forward to success”

Alba Jiménez

Customer Excellence Team

“I help our customers around the world with advice and support on their app programs. I learn new things every day and love the positive team spirit in LB!”

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Dzmitry Zubialevich

Senior .NET Developer

"I love writing code with my cat"

Luis Manuel Montoro Marchal

DevOps engineer

"In my IT journey I have visited many technologies, now with Liquid I have found a family with whom to continue my journey."

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Miguel Regueira

Data scientist

"At Liquid Barcodes I help our
clients to create more engaging and relevant experience for their customers."

Roberto Fernández

Senior QA Automation Engineer

"Liquid Barcodes is the best place to make your professional career grow"

Roberto Fernández