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Vitusapotek did a buy and win campaign



Vitusapotek did a buy & win campaign where all media communication was about a clear message: shop with Vitusapotek and get the chance to win Bergans products worth 10.000! Across medias this message was delivered. And in-store the campaign was promoted.




Customers that made purchases received a printed voucher with a unique code. On the printed voucher a landing page was communicated “” and here the code was validated. Once validated the customer could type in their mobile number to receive a digital scratch card via SMS.

digital scratch card via SMS


The customer scratch and instantly wins – if they´re lucky! If they won the gift card a survey was issued to the user to capture name, address and e-mail.

gift card

gift card


Customers won prizes such as a free product. The rewards they could redeem in a Vitusapotek store close to them.

Customers win prizes

Customers win prizes


In most cases customers got a consolation prize – a good deal to redeem in-store.

Get prizes

The redemption process was simple, using our manual method where customers click a “redeem now” button in-store.

redemption process


Lots of different products were used as prizes and Vitusapotek focused on getting customers back into the store with deals and not just free product vouchers.

Vitusapotek gifts


Vitusapotek store