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R-kiosk Estonia: Customer Reward Program

The R-Kiosk loyalty mobile app is best-in-class for customer rewards and features digital stamp card points redemption, special offers, games and friend referral.

R-Kioski in Estonia is operated by Reitan Retail, a retail group operating in the grocery, convenience and fuel sectors in the Nordic and Baltic regions. It employs around 39,000 people across 3,800 stores in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, with a portfolio of respected convenience retail brands such as 7-Eleven and R-Kiosk.

As a market-leading retail group, Reitan Retail prides itself on its clear and consistent focus on its key values and business philosophy, which include concepts like simplicity, commerce, common sense and skill. And it’s these values that ensure that compelling ideas are shared across business units and brands, to ensure ongoing profitability.


R-Kiosk App


Digital Stamp Cards and Rewards

The R-Kiosk mobile app offers customers several products to earn stamps to earn a free item including coffee, hot dogs, hamburgers, paninis, wraps, water, health shots, and Milky Way sweets.

Customers simply scan the QR code on the digital collection card at checkout. With the app, customers can conveniently monitor how many purchases are left until the next free product. Every 6th product is free.


R-Kiosk Digital Stamp Card


Special offers

App users receive many different discount offers, which are exclusively intended for app users only. To use them, customers simply scan the QR code next to the relevant discount at the checkout. 

Free coupons are available as well, and especially for earned rewards. scan the QR code at checkout. After redeeming the free product, the coupon disappears from the app.

R-Kiosk Special Offers


Recommend to a Friend

R-Kiosk enjoys hearing customer feedback and users can rate the coffee quality within two hours for a coupon for a free coffee. Buy a coffee and scan the QR code at the checkout. Rate the quality of our coffee within two hours of purchase. For ten ratings, R-Kiosk will award a small pastry as a token of thanks.

R-Kiosk Refer a Friend

Machine Learning Helps Generate Relevant Coupons

Planning, managing and promoting offers and coupons manually to ensure the best ones are seen by customers is very time-consuming. The marketing team in R-Kiosk addied artificial intelligence to the presentation process, applying sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technology to automate the sorting of offers at scale.

Now, instead of relying on the busy marketing team, R-Kiosk’s programme uses consumer insights to intelligently decide what offer to show each customer on every app visit – the ones which will be most exciting and relevant for them.

RKiosk Estonia


The R-Kiosk website says it perfectly – “With the App, You Always Win!”






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