Liquid Barcodes







7-Eleven uses activation rules for automatic on-boarding of newly recruited app users. Every day the system is looking for users that registered yesterday and will automatically issue a survey into these users app. The survey is issued with a push notification communicating to the user that there is new content in the app. When the user completes the survey she is rewarded with a scratch card. The scratch card offers a chance to win a stamp on her favourite stamp card. Before she plays she chooses which stamp card is her favourite.


The day after download and registration the app user gets a push notification communicating that there is a survey in the app. Everyone that completes the survey will get a scratch card as reward.

onboard new app users: push notification communication


The survey asks in which context the customer uses 7-Eleven, as well as for input on key demographics. This way 7-Eleven captures important customer insights to base future communication on. 

future communication


When the survey is completed the app user gets a scratch card in the app as a reward. Before the user plays the game she can choose what she wants to play for: a stamp on the coffee stamp card, a stamp on the Coca-Cola stamp card or a stamp on the Frozen Yoghurt stamp card. 

stamp card


App program on-boarding: The user chooses the coffee stamp card. Then she scratches – and she wins! 

coffee stamp card


She is rewarded with a stamp on the coffee card – since that was her favourite stamp card. 

App program on-boarding: favourite stamp card




Firstly it is important for 7-Eleven to start a dialogue with the newly recruited app member in the best way possible. The sign-up process has been made as simple as possible to keep barriers low in the recruitment phase, but during on-boarding 7-Eleven wants to capture more information about the customer to build rich member profiles. Given the answers that the customer gives in the survey allocations are made into certain customer groups e.g. if the app member is a student automatically student offers are opened for this particular app member. Customer groups is one example of personalisation.

Further a key mechanic of this on-boarding journey is to understand which stamp card is the most attractive for the app user, and to give the customer a good start collecting stamps. With rules set in the on-boarding phase of the customer life cycle the ambition is to create fans that uses the stamp cards a lot.




Setting up a rule like this for automatic activation during the on-boarding phase is made simple in Liquid Barcodes dashboard. Conditions are created (e.g. day 1 for new app members) and actions are linked to these conditions (in this case: send survey with push notification and scratch card as reward).

Once set up the rule applies everyday and analytics are available real-time. After considering how impactful the rule is over time the campaign manager can easily adjust, edit or cancel the activation rule.


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