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Shell/7-Eleven Norway: Car Wash Program

Shell/7-Eleven in Norway use our local dashboard to let their store managers communicate with their local customers. The focus of the program is car wash. It works well because car wash is a high value product and demand increases dramatically with the right conditions such as changing weather, the festive season and other holidays.



Recruitment primarily happens in store because the store is the most powerful arena for recruiting customers to customer programs.

App users are allocated automatically to the store they use the most. Having only one favorite store is a clear value proposition for the customer and the store manager.

Customers that do not use apps, are recruited in store to an SMS-program. Recruiting is easy. Store managers can choose between registering the customer’s phone number on the POS, in our dashboard or asking the customer to send a registration SMS.

Store managers send offers to the store’s app and SMS customers from our dashboard. Store managers are busy, so the tool they use is designed to be quick and easy to use. They only have to choose an offer from a list of predefined coupons, set the start and end date and write an SMS-message for the SMS-customers. The coupons typically are single use, POS-integrated offers, complete with graphics and POS settings. The deals they can choose from are managed from Shell/7-Eleven main office.

To control costs, each store manager can only send four messages per month to their SMS-customers and the length of each message is limited to two SMS.

The program has been a success. Merchants report that the system is easy to use. The top stores have thousands of registered customers they can communicate with. More than half of the Shell/7-Eleven stores regularly send offers from the dashboard. And the best store managers reach high double digit redemption rates on their offers. The key drivers of conversion rate is to understand which deal and what timing trigger my local customers.

Download app here.

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