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Mother Dairy: Digital Rewards Program in an Analog Environment

Mother Dairy, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is a dairy products retailer in India. It has selected Liquid Barcodes to handle coupons and personal promotions for their customers. Mother Dairy has 1800 stores (under Mother Dairy & Safal brand names), 5000 mobile ice cream carts and a network of close to 3000 delivery boys, the majority located in New Delhi NCR.


To have full control of the discounts given to customers and facilitate easy reconciliation to stores, Mother Dairy wanted a secure system with Unique coupons and Loyalty cards and a simple and  secure coupon redemption in store. However there is no POS at Mother Dairy stores and redeeming unique coupons requires a live connection to the back end.

The solution was to make an easy to use app for merchants. We call it the Merchant app. It scans Unique coupon and Loyalty card codes and provides information to the merchant on the correct discount to be given.


Safal app

Mother Dairy and Safal merchant app


Based on the redeemed Unique coupons and Loyalty cards, daily Settlement reports are provided to Mother Dairy via API to ensure automatic reconciliation to stores on a daily basis.

Offers and Loyalty cards are distributed to the customers in a consumer app. All the discounting logic rests with Liquid Barcodes, so the Merchant app alone enables Mother Dairy to deploy all coupon concepts that promote, reward and engage, such as Hurry, Chicken, personal Follow-up coupons, Performance games etc. Additionally in future the consumer app will communicate with the Merchant app that will log the position of the ice cream carts to give customers live information where the nearest carts are.


Safal offers


Merchants report that the Merchant app is stable and easy to use – the key success criteria for coupon operations in store. In future the Merchant app will also work on the smart phones issued to many publically owned retailers by the Indian government to promote mobile payments following the removal of 500- and 1000-rupee notes in 2016 and driving a cashless economy with a great push on digital payments championed by the government.


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Merchant app

Mother Dairy

Merchant app

Merchant app

Merchant app