App customer program with family-oriented stamp cards and coupons

Nordby Supermarket have chosen Liquid Barcodes´technology platform to power their app program. The core of their app program is stamp cards. Nordby Supermarket runs stamp cards on high-volume product such as chicken-filets, beef, hot dogs and pizza. All products very relevant for families which are their target customer segment.


In-store Nordby Supermarket communicate the app value proposition in multiple ways including using large outdoor boards, roll-ups at the entrance point and posters on all the loyalty products. The posters work well as reminders for existing app users as well as for recruiting new app users.


Every week there are new coupon offers in the app with a good variation on products. When new offers are out in the app this is communicated with push notification.

At registration app users get a sign-up reward and since they register their birthdate they receive a birthday reward from Nordby Supermarket. App users even get rewards for recruiting their friends to the app.

Download app here.