C-StoreDecisions names Stinker Stores best new loyalty program 2021 in the US

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      2021 Best New Loyalty Program 

Stinker Stores’ new digital rewards programs offers multiple redemptions with a single scan and stands out with a gamification feature to keep customers engaged.

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Stinker Stores, with 103 convenience stores across Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming, launched its new Rewards and Gamification digital loyalty program powered by Liquid Barcodes at the end of June, injecting some fun into the rewards process.

Stinker was looking to raise the bar in rewarding its loyal customers with maximum savings.

“We wanted to ensure we were providing our customers all the savings that can be harnessed through available incremental funding by utilizing a loyalty program,” explained Shelley Coleman, category and merchandising manager for Stinker. “Given our customer loyalty throughout the pandemic, the timing seemed better than ever to return the highest level of savings possible to our loyal patrons in a way that is both fun and easy for them to use.”

The loyalty program is available via the Stinker Stores app, which can be downloaded for free from Apple or Google app stores.

Screenshots of Stinker stores App “The fun, iconic nature of our Mascot, Polecat Pete, really comes through in our app and provides both rewards, games and smiles for our customers,” she said.

Stinker’s goal is to deliver convenience for customers through a ‘one scan’ process. In other words, when customers scan the app at the point of sale, they can immediately receive a host of rewards, including dispensed beverage savings, award stamps or digital ‘card punches,’ and engage savings from bundled item purchases — all at the same time with just a single scan.

“Our IT department performed extensive research on a loyalty program that would provide our customers with savings, fun engagement and deliver a point of difference for us as the retailer,” Coleman said. “Liquid Barcodes in conjunction with the app developer, Rovertown, not only delivered that, but also shined as great partners to work with from ingenuity to rollout.”   

Examples of games which are part of the digital loyalty programThe program is app-based, with no card option, which Stinker thinks best aligns with how its customers want to redeem and earn rewards.

“Given the percentage of our customers who own smartphones, this seemed like the best fit for convenience, ease of use and reward redemption,” Coleman said.

The app officially went live to Stinker’s customer base on June 23, 2021, and is available to use at all 103 Stinker Store locations. When customers download the app, they are instantly rewarded with an offer for a free coffee or fountain drink. They also get rewards when they refer friends or family to the program.

One of the standout features of the new loyalty program is the gamification aspect. Customers can play daily games in-app for a chance to win free products and coupons.

For example, one game consists of spinning a rewards wheel, with the hope that the spinner stops on a free candy bar or another prize that guests can redeem on their next visit.

The iconic mascot in one of the Stinker Stores where the new loyalty program is active

“This acts as both a customer appreciation tool but also allows vendors an opportunity to sample their products and increase their own brand’s traction,” Coleman said.    

Another key feature is the aforementioned in-app stamp cards for coffee, fountain and energy drinks, which takes the manual punch-card program Stinker used to offer and pulls it into the app, offering a high level of convenience by electronically tracking stamps like a digital punch card. 

Stinker’s coffee and fountain programs both deliver a free reward item once the customer purchases six, with doughnuts expected to join the stamp program down the line. Loyalty customers buying energy drinks can get one free after purchasing nine.

Currently, the app can only be used for in-store transactions. However, it does offer a link to Stinker’s fuel savings app, which is called DINOPAY. Through DINOPAY, customers can save up to 30 cents per gallon at the pump.

“The (Stinker Stores) app truly represents the positive and fun level of service we strive to deliver for every one of our customers, employees and vendor partners,” Coleman said.




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