Press Release – 7-Eleven Denmark – NACS Convenience Store Retailer of The Year – Launches Machine Learning AI to Personalize Offers to Their Customers

7-Eleven Denmark – NACS Convenience Store Retailer of The Year – Launches Machine Learning AI to Personalize Offers to Their Customers

7-Eleven Denmark partners with Liquid Barcodes to provide a delightful customer experience and reduce employee processes


October 16, 2021 – 7-Eleven Denmark deploys a customer loyalty app which features intelligent coupon sorting ability, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

7-Eleven Denmark desired to become more efficient and effective managing their offers in the incredibly busy world of mobile marketing. By realizing the power of intelligently sorting offers, they now rely on algorithms to optimize the operations of their loyalty program such as the ability to set the perfect timing of communications to members individually and eventually that artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will be used to deliver their entire program without the need for ongoing human intervention.

Creating these “extra reasons to visit” is one of the exciting possibilities that convinced Jesper Østergaard, the visionary CEO of 7-Eleven in Denmark to take a huge step in to the future of loyalty, leveraging the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to harness the power of his data.

Loyalty data is collected and used to intelligently decide what offer to show each customer on every app visit. In particular, the time of the day, the season, the weather each day as well as the customer’s product preferences and many other factors affect what offers will be shown in order to ensure relevance and customer engagement.


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