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After the success of its Christmas campaign, the British bakery chain Wenzel’s was excited to give customers a chance to win £5,500 in its January raffle! The launch of this campaign has also coincided with important news for the company, the opening of Wenzel’s the bakers store number 100 in Portsmouth.“Win one of our Delicious Prizes and a Chance to Win £5,500”

Golden Ticket for Wenzel's Raffle


With the support of the experts at Liquid Barcodes, Wenzel’s launched this campaign to help customers deal with January blues. Customers could win either a free coffee or a free treat such as a sausage roll or a jam doughnut and also enter a raffle to win £5,500. 


Slot Machine Game


The mechanics of Wenzel’s January raffle campaign were very simple. Customers had a spin on the slot machine, if 3 golden donuts appeared, they had won. Simple, fast and above all engaging! Today’s consumer is not only more digitally aware, but also more demanding with regard to the kind of engagements and experiences they expect, particularly younger customers, like Gen Z or Millennials. Gamification is one of the best digital solutions to retain these young generations.


Tickets showing the prizes of the january raffle




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