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By selling coupons and topping up gift cards through your app or online, you can make customers commit purchases before they come to store. The decision to come to your store has already been taken. When customer comes to store, your employees can work on upselling in the same way as they should do in all transactions.




Liquid Barcodes offer multiple solutions for making customers commit purchases outside of store. B2C, B2B and Local offers from your favorite store. In app and online.



B2C In app

B2C In app

You can sell coupons and gift card top ups in app by implementing our shop api in your app. This allows customers to browse different products you sell and pay for the products in your app. The customer receives a coupon or a top up on his gift card.

Customers can choose to send coupons or gift card top ups to friends and family.

Here you can read more about our shop api solution.



Local B2B shop offers in app


In addition to selling products in app initiatied by HQ, local merchants can also put items for sale locked to their store.

One strong implementation of this option is to let merchants sell ‘goodie bags’ to be filled with products that are nearing expiration.

The Fresh app program is a great example of a ‘goodie bag’ shop.



B2C and B2B Online

Convenience retailers have every day relevant products. Both B2C and B2B customers are interested in buying products online. Digital coupons from Liquid Barcodes bridge the gap from the online store to the physical store where convenience products are picked up.

To make it easy and efficient to implement B2C and B2B shop on your webpage, we have designed a plugin that can be implemented on your webpage for example using an iframe.

Customer receive coupons via email.




Technical infrastructure


Manage shop offers

Manage shop offers online and in app from Liquid Barcodes dashboard.



Front end

Use Liquid Barcodes shop plugin online and Liquid Barcodes app API – shop offer function in app.



Payment and settlement

Payment is handled through your preferred Payment Service Provider (PSP), with Points or Gift cards from Liquid Barcodes. Payments are transferred directly to the retailer and settled  to store when coupons and gift cards are used in store. Use settlement reports to settle with stores.



Customer receives the coupon or gift

Customer receives the coupon(s) or gift card(s) and sends it as a gift to friends and family or comes to store to redeem like any other Liquid Barcodes content.