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With Liquid Barcodes´dashboard you can easily use the select prize concept to allow choice for your customers in many different ways. Personalisation can be customer driven. Allow your customers to pull for the content they want, rather than always think you know whats best for them. The below examples show how customers can be in control.


The below k kiosk example show how select prize have been used together with the sign-up reward. This way k kiosk is able to introduce the new app customer to four of their loyalty products (stamp cards exists on these products) and allow the customer to choose a free product of her choice. Once selected the sign-up reward coupon appear in the app, valid for 1 month.



The below Narvesen example show how select prize have been used together with the birthday reward. On the customer´s birthday she/he receives a push notification “Happy birthday – birthday present from us in your app” which motivates to open the app. In the app front page it says “choose your present” in the bottom banner. Then the customer can choose between three different rewards. The customer choose and receives a value coupon to use within 7 days.

EMPOWERING CUSTOMER CHOICE: example of how customers can choose birthday rewards


choose present


The below 7-Eleven example shows the customer being able to choose which stamp card she desires to win a stamp on – if she win. And in this case everyone wins what they desire to win. This way the attention is drawn towards the different stamp cards that exist with the app and the retailer gets insight on each app user – what their favourite stamp card is. Using the scratch card functionality engages the user and gives both 7-Eleven and the products some additional branding.

EMPOWERING CUSTOMER CHOICE: example of digital scratch card


The below 7-Eleven and Coca-Cola tap it! game shows the consumer having to choose the reward she wants to play for before she plays. The free Coca-Cola has one minimum score level to be achieved to win, and the Coca-Cola for 10 a lower score level. The trick however in this case is that redemption of the Coca-Cola for 10 also works as an entry into the instant lottery of winning a travel gift card worth 10.000 NOK. It is an instant draw based on redemption so the consumer will get the answer win or no win as soon as the transaction has happened. The mechanic nudges the consumers to choose the Coca-Cola for 10 discount coupon (+ chance to win at redemption) over the free Coca-Cola voucher. The mechanic of asking the consumer to choose prize to play for before she plays is also to make an emotional connection up front with the prize to increase redemption rates after winning.

tap it shark


7-Eleven, Norway:

Choose the relevant festival for you before you play the game once per day for festival tickets.

Select prize 711


Sunshine Gasoline, US


Safal receive coupon

Select prize example from Mother Dairy: select your favorite among four deals, receive coupon