Below are examples on how our customers are using scratch card and coupons to create Christmas campaigns.

7-Eleven, Norway:



7-Eleven, Denmark:



k kiosk, Switzerland:



Narvesen, Norway:



Nordby Supermarket:

7-Eleven, Sweden:

Pressbyrån, Sweden:

7-Eleven, Denmark:

In the below 7-Eleven campaign notice that the app user can choose between two prizes before she plays – a beer or a sports drink. The game also clearly states that you will need to be above 18 years old to redeem the prize if you win a beer. Both prizes are Carlsberg products.

Coca-Cola, Norway:

In the below Coca-Cola campaign (delivered via SMS) pay attention to three things; 1) the select prize functionality is used smart in the beginning of the game – before the consumer scratches. Although this game only have 1 prize the select prize functionality is used in order to get more focus on the prize that can be won. The consumer clicks on the prize icon to launch the game. 2) the overlay states the date and thus it really becomes an advent calendar where each day there is a new daily advent hatch to open. It is still a scratch card, but feels different for the consumer. 3) The prize is a ticket for ski-pass. The ski-pass prizes can either be distributed via the import 3rd party codes functionality or as in this case a survey is triggered to the winners capturing their name, e-mail address (for follow-up) and postal address (for shipping).

Big Bite:

MaxiMat Nordby: