Ismael Garrido Muñoz

Senior Software Developer

Liquid Barcodes
Liquid Barcodes

Ismael’s Journey

I earned my Computer Science and Master Degree at school and am currently pursuing a PhD. I worked as full stack developer with some strong preferences (Laravel/.NET, Vue/Angular).


Currently, I work on ensuring reliable, secure and scalable web activities.

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Enough not to fall asleep. No more than two cups a day.

Liquid Barcodes

Favorite Loyalty Programs

Simyo because it has improved the features of my phone plan for free and they do not bother me.

I also like DigitalOcean because it works well and EMP because it has a variety of offers for things that are not so easy to find

And, also I love Tunnel Bear branding, but I am not a current client.

Best Thing About Working at Liquid Barcodes?

Liquid is a very efficient small team – powerful and easy to understand tech architecture.