Press Release – Royal Rewards for Pretzel Lovers With Brezelkönig Reward App

Royal Rewards for Pretzel Lovers With Brezelkönig Reward App

Brezelkönig, part of the Valora Brand, launches app that rewards users for purchasing products.

August 15, 2021 – Brezelkönig, a popular foodservice chain selling hand-made pretzels in sixty+ locations throughout Switzerland became part of the Valora brand portfolio in 2012. As the leading foodvenience provider in the country, Valora is already famous for their k kiosk loyalty programme and recently launched the innovative Brezelkönig app, which pretzel-loving customers can now use to enjoy recognition and rewards for their loyalty.

Lukas Wohlgemuth and Liquid Barcodes developed the Brezelkönig app to reward customers for their frequency, with three tiers to enjoy. Every visit earns one “crown”, and a free product is awarded for every ten crowns collected. Crowns are collected automatically when the sales staff scan the QR code of the customer card in the app.

The number of crowns a customer collects determines their status, and members can improve their status by simply visiting more often for their favourite baked goods. The higher the status, the more valuable the rewards they earn as a gift.

According to Wohlgemuth, “Brezelkönig is a loved brand in Switzerland and has a very strong brand recognition. The Brezelkönig app and the herewith accessible loyalty program is a great way to reward Brezelkönig’s most loyal customers. Throughout the design and development process of the app, we have kept a strong emphasis on simplicity. This starts with the core pillars of the program and ends with the UI of the app. As an example, onboarding new members is done in a few simple steps and the program is explained in three short sentences to new users.”

“With the program, we do not only have a way to reward loyal customers, but also to understand them better. Right from the beginning, the app is perceived very well by customers. It’s great to receive a lot of positive feedback via our customer support and even ideas about new features. On our end, Valora will pursue this innovative path and add new functionalities to the app, in order to keep improving an already great product.”

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Royal Rewards for Pretzel Lovers

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About Brezelkönig

Brezelkönig is a popular foodservice chain of stores that sells delicious hand-made pretzels in over sixty locations throughout Switzerland. The concept was originally founded in 1985 and became part of the Valora brand portfolio in 2012, selling high-end bread products such as pretzels, baguettes, croissants, hot dogs and selected sandwich snacks to Swiss customers when they’re on the move.


About Liquid Barcodes
Liquid Barcodes is a leading global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specializing in the convenience and foodservice industries. Their proprietary cloud-based technology platform allows retailers to create and manage their digital marketing campaigns, including subscriptions, with a proprietary process called the “customer connection cycle” to engage, promote and reward customer activities in real-time across digital and media channels.

Liquid Barcodes has a variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of convenience retailers, ranging from a complete loyalty platform to specific add-on modules for existing loyalty programs. Features such as rewards, gamification, AI and machine learning, and subscriptions for a variety of products and services are customizable to suit retailer needs.


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