Liquid Barcodes






Survey example from Coca-ColaSurvey example from Coca-Cola: Customers ordered coupon from outdoor boards and banners, got survey after redeeming the coupon and received a reward coupon after completing the survey.


Circle K, USA

Circle K, USA


7-Eleven Denmark:

7-Eleven Denmark



Bunnpris and Coca-Cola, Norway:

Bunnpris and Coca-Cola, Norway


Sabrura, Norway:

Sabrura, Norway


Monster, Norway:

Monster, Norway


Coca-Cola Energy, Norway:

 Coca-Cola Energy, Norway



7-Eleven, Denmark: 

7-Eleven, Denmark


Puma Energy, Panama: 

Puma Energy, Panama




Powerade, Norway:

Powerade, Norway


Puma Energy, Angola:

 Puma Energy, Angola




Coca-Cola and Bunnpris, Norway:

Coca-Cola and Bunnpris, Norway


Sabrura, Norway: 

Sabrura, Norway