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Narvesen app - student coffee with surprises



Narvesen, part of Reitan Convenience allow students to identify themselves as student under “my page”. By a toggle they enter the customer group “students” and they get a special coffee stamp card in their loyalty section of the app. This stamp card give them a discount on every cup of coffee (15,- vs. 20,-) and every 5th coffee free.

stamp card discount


In addition the stamp card comes with a bit of surprise and delight. Narvesen have set a certain probability for a follow-up action on redemption of any of the stamps. By a probability students will get a surprise in the “activity room” of the app. This is communicated with a push notification and a message in the bottom banner – on the app front page. When the app user is clicking on the “overraskelse” banner they get to a page which communicates “Surprise! Get a free product – click to choose” and then they choose between three products – and receive a value coupon on the preferred product.

stamp card comes with surprise




Narvesen offers student specific deals in order to attract students. They want to give students a better deals and make these deals exclusive to students only. They also want to stand out with something different and a mechanic that engages the students. By adding a bit of surprise and delight they create word-of-mouth among students which help recruitment. By adding the element of choice (free surprise reward) also gives a sense of ability to personalise your own app content.

By attracting students into the app with exclusive content they are also getting useful insights about their app user base. What is the student share of app users? What is the student customer group´s share of any campaign? What is the student customer group´s share of engagement overall in terms of unique user app openings or unique user redemptions?




Narvesen have created a stamp card in the app where there is a discount on all stamps and also a separate reward (the fifth one free). In addition they´ve added follow-up actions – on all stamps. The follow-up action is immediate, but only with a certain probability (not on 100% of redemptions). The follow-up action is not communicated to all app-users up-front, but communicated 1:1 using push notification and a banner in the app front page. The follow-up action is a select prize campaign where users can personalise the content in their own app and choose the preferred free product.