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For busy people on the go, speed is at the essence. Apple Pay might be the easiest check out solution available to apps and web shops.

In cooperation with Apple, we have designed a very fast shop experience. Customers buy products immediately from the product pages. Products are presented to users through Liquid Barcodes Shop function in the App API. Customers browse products and click to get more information. The Apple Pay button is presented already at product level.

With Apple pay it is so easy to pay, that users may prefer to buy each product separately rather than building carts and paying separately. See something I like? I buy. Immediately. Then I continue to browse other products.

The purchased products are distributed as coupons or vouchers in the app, I send them as a gift to friends, or I can get coupon or voucher link for my own distribution – great for small businesses.

Customers avoid cumbersome registration processes. Most iPhone users already have registered a payment card for use in iTunes and AppStore. Apple Pay lets you as a merchant benefit from this preregistration in a secure way.

The shop filters Apple Pay option only to users with Apple Pay compatible devices (iPhone 6 or newer, selected Mac computers) and registered payment cards.


About Liquid Barcodes

Liquid Barcodes Inc, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specializing in the convenience and food service industries. Their proprietary cloud-based technology platform allows retailers to create and manage their digital marketing campaigns, including subscriptions, with a proprietary process called the “customer connection cycle” to engage, promote and reward customer activities in real-time across digital and media channels.

Liquid Barcodes has a variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of convenience retailers, ranging from a complete loyalty platform to specific add-on modules for existing loyalty programs. Features such as rewards, gamification, AI and machine learning, and subscriptions for a variety of products and services are customizable to suit retailer needs.