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engaging campaign for Diplom-is



Mediacom wanted to create an engaging campaign for Diplom-is, the largest ice-cream brand in Norway. They teamed up with Narvesen (Reitan Convenience) and created a Instagram centered campaign where consumers could redeem vouchers they won in any of Narvesen´s 400 convenience stores across Norway.


The campaign was so successful that Mediacom, Diplom-is and Narvesen copied the campaign the next summer and did it even bigger!

Mediacom, Diplom-is and Narvesen

In season 2 Mediacom did lots of different prizes. You could win 1 free ice-cream of your choice, 5 free ice-creams and even 100 free ice-creams!!

They even did a social reward multiple times where the 1000 first consumers to store could collect 1 free ice-cream. This activity was facilitated with live comments on Instagram and Facebook to ensure that consumers did not show up in store after the 1000 ice-creams were gone.



All rewards was distributed via Instagram direct messages!

Rewards via Instagram direct
See a video presentation of the case here: