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How can Rewards help your business grow?

Rewards help you build a strong foundation for your loyalty program. Reward your customer’s loyalty with points or stamps – or both. Your loyalty member can earn points per $ spent, by purchasing specific products, by visits, and by behavioral actions you want to encourage, such as referring a friend.

Combine the points system with a tier system, letting your customers work their way up to a premium membership. Achieving a premium membership could, in turn, earn the customer more points, rewards, better terms on stamp cards, or exclusive offers.


Below are some examples on how our retailer customers are using our recruit-a-friend concept to engage with their app users and drive app recruitment.


Twenty Four Seven, India:

24 7 recruit a friend concept 

Liquid Barcodes loyalty platform is powering loyalty programmes for industry leaders across several global markets, offering unique subscriptiongamificationloyalty and personalization capabilities and has developed this app for use across all of Maxol’s company owned service stations in the Republic of Ireland. Learn more about Liquid Barcodes at