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Milk subscription: payment via the Paytm app



Mother Dairy booths accept payment via the Paytm app. To further extend the partnership with Paytm Mother Dairy ran a summer campaign where consumers were met at shopping malls with the offer of buying a subscription of 30 milk packs of 500ML to a favourable price.

The offer was facilitated with a fully digital process. Prepay with the Paytm app and get a prepaid card in the Mother Dairy app. Every next 30 days the consumer could pick up one milk pay by scan of the Mother Dairy app at any Mother Dairy booth across Delhi NCR. At every scan the app  automatically updates and communicate how many milk packs which are left to be picked up.

Mother Dairy app: prepaid subscription on milk

To further surprise and delight their customers Mother Dairy added an engaging scratch card game with the chance to win a Mall of India shopping voucher. Automatically a new game appeared in the app every day during the subscription period.

scratch card game

Mother Dairy were able to do a digital activation outside their stores using Paytm as a facilitator in combination with their own branded app powered by Liquid Barcodes technology. This innovative activation engaged customers and got great attention amongst marketeers.

Mother Dairy got new app users and booths experiences repeat traffic from this activation with happy “milk subscription” customers who got a favourable deal for 30 days.




Mother Dairy set up the campaign using the Liquid Barcodes dashboard. A simple callback process enabled the connection between the Paytm app and Liquid Barcodes back-end system.