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Powerade partnered up with POLAR



Powerade partnered up with POLAR and activated shoppers in-store with a simple scratch card game with sport watches from Polar as prizes. In-store there was material promoting the campaign. Shoppers texted a codeword (Polar) to a short number (2290) to participate and received a SMS with a link to the unique game. Powerade controlled the volume of prizes and probability to win.


The shopper received a SMS with a game link. In the browser she could scratch and win. If she won she received another SMS with the unique value voucher for the prize – a brand new Polar M430!

The shopper received a SMS with a game link

Across the retailer´s stores Powerade activated their product with promotional material.  

Powerade activated their product




In a quick and simple way Powerade were able to activate shoppers across a national retailer´s stores. The simple, yet attractive campaign with Polar as partner allowed Powerade to get more space and material in each store. Shoppers were engaged with the brand and Powerade was able to connect with the consumers bringing the two strong brands together.



With self-service dashboards Powerade were able to set up the campaign themselves as well as monitor the on-going results real-time. During the campaign they could adjust probabilities to win as they required.