BEST PRACTICE – EXPLAINED wanted to create an engaging campaign around bookings. They teamed up with Coca-Cola Company and Narvesen (Reitan Convenience).

Via Coupon API integration towards Liquid Barcodes system were able to issue free Coca-Cola Zero to everyone that booked a hotel using in Norway. The unique coupon was redeemable in any of the 400 Narvesen stores across Norway within 7 days.

On the pages the campaign was fronted with the call to action “Free Coke Zero on all bookings!”


When you selected a hotel there was another message saying “in relation to this booking will give you an ice-cold free Coke Zero!”.


Once booked the consumer were led to a simple landing page where they could type in their mobile number to receive the SMS from with the unique coupon to redeem in Narvesen.