Liquid Barcodes






Together with 7-Eleven and Isobar, Coca-Cola Company used Liquid Barcodes technology to build engagement with Millenials in Denmark through Facebook.


The results were impressive:

  • 10% of all Danish teenagers in the target group tried a Coca-Cola zero during the campaign period.
  • 60% redemption rate proved our idea and relevance.


Lajs Kaznelson, Market Activation Manager Coca-Cola Company, explains the challenge and solution behind the Social Trial idea;

  • How do we boost trial of our products and traffic to our stores?
  • How do we create ‘one of a kind’ involvement in a target group (15-19 year old teens) that are hard-to-get and elusive in regards to their choice of media platforms?

We know that 80% of the target group uses Facebook daily, primarily on the go, via their mobile phones. Teens also have a high desire to play games online. But they do not want to leave their news feed for standard adverts.

We created a unique platform that allowed us to sample our products, directly to the target audience while boosting involvement in the brand and traffic to our stores. Teens played a branded puzzle directly in their newsfeed. Their incentive was an ice cold Coca-Cola zero, ready at their nearest 7-Eleven.




7-Eleven Denmark created a Supplier brands campaign so that Coca-Cola could create a Coupon campaign. To distribute the coupons, the social trial game was integrated towards our Coupon API and coupons were sent via SMS.