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Together with 7-Eleven and Isobar, Coca-Cola Company used Liquid Barcodes technology to build engagement with Millenials in Denmark through Facebook.


The results were impressive:

  • 10% of all Danish teenagers in the target group tried a Coca-Cola zero during the campaign period.
  • 60% redemption rate proved our idea and relevance.


Lajs Kaznelson, Market Activation Manager Coca-Cola Company, explains the challenge and solution behind the Social Trial idea;

  • How do we boost trial of our products and traffic to our stores?
  • How do we create ‘one of a kind’ involvement in a target group (15-19 year old teens) that are hard-to-get and elusive in regards to their choice of media platforms?

We know that 80% of the target group uses Facebook daily, primarily on the go, via their mobile phones. Teens also have a high desire to play games online. But they do not want to leave their news feed for standard adverts.

We created a unique platform that allowed us to sample our products, directly to the target audience while boosting involvement in the brand and traffic to our stores. Teens played a branded puzzle directly in their newsfeed. Their incentive was an ice cold Coca-Cola zero, ready at their nearest 7-Eleven.



7-Eleven Denmark created a Supplier brands campaign so that Coca-Cola could create a Coupon campaign. To distribute the coupons, the social trial game was integrated towards our Coupon API and coupons were sent via SMS.


About Liquid Barcodes

Liquid Barcodes Inc, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specializing in the convenience and food service industries. Their proprietary cloud-based technology platform allows retailers to create and manage their digital marketing campaigns, including subscriptions, with a proprietary process called the “customer connection cycle” to engage, promote and reward customer activities in real-time across digital and media channels.

Liquid Barcodes has a variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of convenience retailers, ranging from a complete loyalty platform to specific add-on modules for existing loyalty programs. Features such as rewards, gamification, AI and machine learning, and subscriptions for a variety of products and services are customizable to suit retailer needs.