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In Switzerland Coca-Cola Company and its agency Gigigo created a chatbot that was able to engage with consumers via Facebook Messenger and ultimately deliver a unique, single-use coupon. The coupon was a free Coca-Cola zero sugar can to be redeemed in any k kiosk store in Switzerland. The engagement started with advertisement on Facebook, leading consumers to a coke URL which initiated the conversation with the Coca-Cola messenger chatbot.

Coca Cola advertisement on Facebook


Once the conversation was started the consumer simply said yes to the proposal of receiving a free Coca-Cola zero sugar coupon – and instantly received the coupon.

Coca-Cola zero sugar coupon




Coca-Cola were able to place programmatic ads on Facebook to reach the right audience – the right target consumer group for Coca-Cola zero sugar. Directly from the Facebook ad – without the need for asking for a mobile number or an e-mail address – Coca-Cola were able to deliver a unique coupon on a free Coca-Cola zero sugar to the consumer. It was a smooth process for the consumer with practically no barriers. The campaign was run in close partnership with k kiosk, part of Valora Retail, which has 1000 point of sales across Switzerland. Thus consumers could easily pick up their free sample in a store nearby.





Coca-Cola´s agency integrated with Liquid Barcodes coupon API and used the get content function enabling the messenger chatbot to retrieve unique codes and deliver these codes into the conversation automatically with each consumer. Beforehand k kiosk had set up a campaign and made this available for Coca-Cola Switzerland. Coca-Cola followed the campaign real-time via Liquid Barcodes partner dashboard and at the same time k kiosk had full transparency of the campaign via their dashboard.