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Mother Dairy has a large app user base and used the opportunity to engage them during the week of independence day in India. They launched a independence day memory game where app users could play for prize once a day and play for fun (and high scores) as many times they wanted.

independence day memory game


The memory game was built up on levels and everyone that got more than 75 points won. At any point users could go into the high scores list to see how they were doing against the best players.

The memory game


The prize for winning in the game was a scratch card with a high probability to win one of three awesome independence day deals. Every day the users won in the memory game they got a new scratch card and chance to win one of the independence day deals.

The prize for winning


In this case the app user won a deal on 2 litre Premium Milk to redeem in any Mother Dairy store.

Mother Dairy store




Mother Dairy app users are engaged in a good context – India´s independence day. The result for Mother Dairy is that they are able to drive an increase in app openings and engagement during the days the campaign is live. The exciting game mechanics also contribute to word-of-mouth and Mother Dairy experiences a higher rate of app downloads during this period compared to similar periods.




Mother Dairy set up the memory game campaign and the scratch card via Liquid Barcodes dashboard. Many of the creatives are re-used for multiple campaigns like this, e.g. the prize icons. This allows for effective campaign creation. During the campaign Mother Dairy can follow real-time the performance of the campaign.