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Coca-Cola Company and 7-Eleven (Reitan Convenience) teamed up in Denmark to engage Facebook followers with the opportunity to win a free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Facebook banner ads activated the consumer and led them to a fun and easy puzzle game. If the consumer managed to complete the puzzle they could enter their mobile number to receive a free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar voucher to redeem in a 7-Eleven store nearby.

Facebook banner ads



The activity was very successful and as a continuation of the above campaign Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven wanted to bring the next campaign to a next level.

Again starting with Facebook activation the consumers got an opportunity for tasting Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. This time the consumers could choose between three different deals bundling Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with food. The deal was received on SMS and when redeemed (any of the deals) the consumer got an instant and automatic follow-up SMS with another deal allowing more trials of the Coca-Cola Zero sugar.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with food


Coca-Cola Company did not stop there. Another campaign was run where the consumer was led from Facebook and to the 7-Eleven store with a nice price Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. At validation the consumer got a follow-up coupon that was redeemable 3 times. The price was attractive, but they had to use each coupon within 2 days. If the consumer used all three opportunities they got a final follow-up voucher with a 1 liter Coca-Cola Zero Sugar offer.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar offer


See a video presentations of the cases here: