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In 7-Eleven Norway´s app the users can choose to identify themselves as students. This is open for everyone and made simple in the “my page” area of the app. By toggling the user enters or exists this customer group. Read more about customer groups in our product section, on personalisation.

Part of the on-boarding journey when you download and register with the 7-Eleven Norway app is a survey where 7-Eleven captures whether the new app user is student or not. If the user is a student then automatically the user is allocated into the student customer group and student-specific content is made available for this user. Users can edit this in my page.


7-Eleven Norway app



Once the app user has entered the student customer group new content is available in the coupon section of the 7-Eleven app. 7-Eleven Norway offers a wide range of multi-use coupons exclusive to students. These offers last til the end of the year and gives a good reason for students to use the app on a regular basis. When redeeming these offers in-store students show their student ID.

7-Eleven app offers for students



7-Eleven offers specific deals for students in order to attract this audience. They want to give students affordable deals and make the deals exclusive to students only. By attracting these users into the app with lots of good content they are also getting useful insights about their app user base. What is the student share of app users? What is the student customer group´s share of any campaign? What is the student customer group´s share of engagement overall in terms of unique user app openings or unique user redemptions?



The 7-Eleven app supports receiving customer groups from Liquid Barcodes via the APP API and will display the customer group if it is set to be user viewable. Further this case shows a customer group which is customer configurable, meaning that it is open for any app user to enter/exit the group without any verification. In other cases entering the group may be requiring a unique code as verification.

Campaigns are set up as normal, but with “customer group – students” as receivers type. This way only app members that are part of the customer group will receive the campaigns.