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How can Gamification help your business grow?

Our Gamification product contains a range of features, such as Tap It!, Scratch Card, Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machine, and Quiz. The games are usually set to be played daily, so the consumer has your brand in the palm of their hand every day.


Use Gamification as stand-alone campaigns with product rewards or add even more fun and engagement to one of our loyalty program foundational products – Rewards or Subscription – and reward players with points, stamps, and subscription rebates.


Below are some examples on how our customers are using our cracker game template to engage with their customers.


Monster, Norway:

Monster cracker game template


Circle K, US:


Sunshine Gasoline – Max Carwash, US:


Big Bite, Norway:

Big Bite cracker game template


k kiosk, Switzerland:

K kiosk cracker game template


Powerade, Norway:

Powerade cracker game template


Funky Frozen Yoghurt, Norway:

Funky Frozen Yoghurt, cracker game template


Circle K, USA: 

Circle K cracker game template


Narvesen, Norway:

Narvesen cracker game template


Narvesen cracker game template


Liquid Barcodes loyalty platform is powering loyalty programmes for industry leaders across several global markets, offering unique subscriptiongamificationloyalty and personalization capabilities and has developed this app for use across all of Maxol’s company owned service stations in the Republic of Ireland. Learn more about Liquid Barcodes at