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Mother Dairy´s app



Mother Dairy´s app program is designed to drive daily app openings by their engaged customers. By smart design Mother Dairy has successfully created the daily habit among their app users of opening the app to see what´s new today.

Mother Dairy´s customers proactively open the app to see what is today´s special. Every day Mother Dairy publishes a special offer that is only valid that day. This way the app program becomes highly dynamic. Customers are kept engaged and merchants need to pay attention to what´s going on in the app every day. Typically the Today´s special is a single-use coupon.
Some examples of Mother Dairy´s “Today´s special”:

Mother Dairy´s app


In addition Mother Dairy is doing a new campaign every week. There may even be multiple “Weekly specials” going on at the same time. And again, the customers can trust that every Monday there is a new weekly special and a reason for proactively open the app to see what this offer is. Typically the weekly special is a multi-use coupon.
Some examples of Mother Dairy´s “Weekly special”:

new campaign


Typically consumers are very habitual in their purchase patterns and Mother Dairy is a convenience operator like many others where weekend traffic is significantly different from weekday traffic. To drive more activity in their app as well as in their stores they also do a “Weekend special”. The result is that they educate their customers that there is also another reason to proactively open the app to see what this week´s weekend special is. Typically the weekend special is a single-use coupon.
Some examples of Mother Dairy´s “Weekend special”:

Mother Dairy´s Weekend special


Lastly Mother Dairy runs 1-2 monthly deals. Deal of the Month represent stability in the program similar to stamp cards and prepaid cards. Deal of the Month is typically a multi-use coupon and customers use it many times during the campaign month. But more importantly, from a perspective of driving app openings Mother Dairy has created another easy-to-remember date for their customers to proactively open the app to see what´s new.
Some examples of Mother Dairy´s “Deal of the Month”:

Mother Dairy´s Deal of the Month



Mother Dairy´s app program is designed to drive daily app openings by their customers. This means that Mother Dairy is creating a highly engaged digital distribution. By design Mother Dairy is getting lots of impressions every day where they have the opportunity to push the products and marketing messages they desire to a large audience that they control. Obviously Mother Dairy also utilise push notification to drive app openings, but by smart design they are less dependent on push notifications. They are simply top of mind among their customers – just because it is a new day.



Most retailers do campaigns in 2-3 week periods. Simply because there are lots of logistics involved. Creatives needs to be made, OOH and in-store collatorals distributed and set up, employees informed etc. Digital marketing however is simpler. Digital marketing allows for daily, weekly and weekend specials. When Mother Dairy are setting up these kind of campaigns they are using templates that are already created. Graphics are made and POS settings are created for a longer time period e.g. a year and the app campaigns are executed multiple campaign periods within this year.
The campaign manager chooses a template campaign:

template campaign
And all campaign properties are auto-filled. Made simple for operations!

campaign properties



About Liquid Barcodes

Liquid Barcodes Inc, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specializing in the convenience and food service industries. Their proprietary cloud-based technology platform allows retailers to create and manage their digital marketing campaigns, including subscriptions, with a proprietary process called the “customer connection cycle” to engage, promote and reward customer activities in real-time across digital and media channels.

Liquid Barcodes has a variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of convenience retailers, ranging from a complete loyalty platform to specific add-on modules for existing loyalty programs. Features such as rewards, gamification, AI and machine learning, and subscriptions for a variety of products and services are customizable to suit retailer needs.


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