Liquid Barcodes




You are running ads on out-of-home boards and want to activate this media spend to drive brand engagement and traffic to your stores. This is our recommendation.



The consumer sees your OOH advertisement. Your communication motivates her to go to to participate. The value proposition is clear and attractive:

“Win !! (a big, attractive prize) and lots of exciting treats & deals from retailerX (yourbrand). New chance to win every day!”

She goes to and input her mobile number. Instantly she gets an SMS with a digital scratch card. The SMS explains:

“Scratch & Win. Get a new game and chance to win – every day – until (campaign_end_date) at”.

The consumer scratch and win! (in some cases they do not…)

The big prize is attractive and works as the main motivation for participating. It´s the core of the communication (nice pictures of the prize etc). The big prize can be something like a €5.000 travel gift card. The big prize is set up with a volume constraint. Typically there is not more than 10 big prizes available – in many cases only 1. The big prize is set up with a low win probability.

In addition there may be multiple different, exciting offers to win. These may have different volume limits and different probabilities. These parameters are set per prize. These prizes are discount offers or free products (sampling) that the consumer gets as digital coupons. The consumer receive the coupon via SMS.

“You won! Here is your coupon on a FREE coffee to redeem in any retailerX store (yourbrand) nearby!”

In-store the redemption process depend on the retailer integration level. The retailer may have a POS integration or merchant app, but in cases where this type of activation is done for the first time we recommend to use the manual redemption method which do not require any IT project at all. You can easily set it up in our self-service dashboard. All the redemption methods supports single-use coupons.

A possible add-on to the campaign: add survey as follow-up on redemption in-store. This can give a richer report after the campaign. The survey can be issued instantly after redemption of the coupon or delayed e.g. 2 hours later. Use survey to get feedback on new products or to capture more consumer insight.



The landing page is easy to set up using our self-service dashboard.

The scratch card gives a lot of visual interaction and opportunity for branding. See example here and learn what graphical elements are required here. See how-to videos on setting it up in our dashboard here.

The recommended redemption method is described here and require these graphical elements.See how-to videos on setting it up in our dashboard here.


Note: If you have set up this campaign with a new chance to receive a game every day there are controls to ensure that the same consumer do not receive more than one game. If the consumer input her mobile number a second time the same day the SMS response can be “We´re sorry. Only one chance to play each day. Try again tomorrow” (you set the SMS text in the dashboard as part of the campaign set up).