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7Up in India



PepsiCo wanted to create an engaging campaign around 7Up in India. As temperature was heating up and Indian consumers still were having their hot cup of tea 7Up launched a campaign “no cup – 7UP!”.

The starting point was a missed call mechanic where consumers received a digital memory game on their phones delivered via SMS. The game allowed them to play for prize once a day every day during the campaign period. In addition they could play for fun as much as they liked – or to climb on the high-scores list.

7Up Memory


Every time the consumer played for prize and got a score of above 100 points she or he received a SMS from 7UP with a scratch card game.  The digital scratch card game is simple to play and revealed whether the consumer got a prize or not.

7Up Scratch Card


Everyone that did win in the scratch card game received survey from 7UP where they captured the winners´name, mobile number, e-mail address and address.

7Up Survey



Pepsico could set up the entire campaign mechanic – the memory game, the scratch card and the survey – using our dashboard. During the campaign the 7Up team could follow the campaign performance real-time. Since many users got more than 100 points multiple times during the campaign period the scratch card game served as a control mechanism to ensure that 7UP would not promise more prizes than what they could distribute. At the back end the scratch card was set up with probability to win and volume limits.