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24seven raids recruit - example of the campaign on facebook




In commemoration of their annual celebration called 24Seven day, which falls on the 24th of July, the popular retail chain 24Seven launched an extensive recruitment campaign, aimed at enticing potential customers with a plethora of exciting incentives and employment perks. The company also took the opportunity to entice customers by offering heavily discounted meal deals and various other exciting offers, all priced at Rs 24, which were effectively advertised through various mediums such as in-store promotions and social media platforms like Facebook. Consequently, the 24Seven recruitment campaign proved to be highly successful, as numerous customers flocked to download the company’s mobile application and joined their membership program, further boosting the brand’s customer retention and loyalty.


Below is an example of how the campaign was communicated on Facebook:

24 seven Facebook campaign


24Seven Raid Recruits – The campaign was also widely activated in stores:

The 24 seven Raid recruit in-store activation

24Seven Raids Recruit: In-store Promotion of the Recruitment Campaign24Seven Recruitment Campaign: In-Store Promotions

Multiple offers in the app – all focused around Rs. 24:

24Seven Raids Recruite: Multiple offers in the app



24Seven Raid Recruits: the campaign was run for a total of five days, attracting a significant number of new customers to engage.


24Seven Raids Recruit: Campaign Results