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When buying a monthly subscription in the app, your customer can skip the line, convenience style: quick and easy - the ultimate convenience 

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Ultra-compelling value proposition for your most important customers.

Skip the line, convenience style-the ultimate convenience.

Special subscriber-only offers and convenient auto-renewal of subscription.

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Eddy Alvarez

Senior Operations Manager, Sunshine Gasoline

"We were initially introduced to Liquid Barcodes after a global search for a partner who could help us build our car wash subscription program. What really sets LB apart is the customer service before and after implementation. The people behind LB have given us the confidence we needed to take our business to the next level. A product is only as good ad the people behind it." 

Lars Hecht

Global Lead, Category Director at Circle K

"We choose Liquid Barcodes after a comprehensive search for a powerful platform that we could use to support the digital transformation of our car wash business globally. We were impressed by their willingness to support our complex and evolving needs, plus the day-to-day support of their operations team has been exceptional."

Subscribers Spend 250% More

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Convenience retailers all over the world have engaged and rewarded consumers with our tailor-made loyalty programs.

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Circle K's Use of Beacon Technology to Activate Car Wash Subscription Program 

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Circle K is certainly famous with consumers for its fuel and convenience stores; however it is also widely respected through the convenience industry as the world’s largest car wash network with 2,750 locations across Europe and North America [...]

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