Carwash Company app allows you to buy a subscription and wash your car once per day. Here are the key features of the app:


Register with the app:

Easy to sign up, it only register Mobile Number and Local Store, using mobile number as persistent unique identifier of the customer. This allows the customer a secure registration getting a one-time-password via SMS to complete the registration.

Before registration is completed, retailer’s terms and conditions need to be accepted. The customer then gives consents to the retailer who is data controller (owns the customer data). Liquid Barcodes is data processor.

You can also capture Name and Date of birth if you want to give birthday present to the customer as a simple way to engage in personal level.


Register payment card:

It allows the customer to register payment methods such as credits cards or Paypal account. Making it intuitive, it is easy to find a More section of the app leading to My Page where Payment Method can be registered.

Once purchases are made, digital receipts are available also from My Page and customers can send them to their email.


Buy a subscription:

From the front page of the app, the customer can go into the Shop section to find a subscription plan of choice and click on “Buy” to purchase. After confirming the price (auto-renewal monthly price is also notified), purchase is completed and it will automatically redirect to the Wash section where you can use your subscription plan.

A receipt of the purchase can be found under MoreMy pageReceipts. At every auto-renewal another receipt is created and found here.

Please note that if the customer tries to purchase a subscription plan without having registered a payment method, is prompted to register payment method as part of the purchase flow.


Wash my car:

When having an active subscription plan, customer can simply click on “Get wash code” in the Wash section. It is necessary to be in proximity of a real location to use it (controlled by store locator and set by a radius). After confirming the store name and confirming that subscriber is requesting wash code for the car registered, the wash code is presented for input on the wash machine.

If the wash machine can support direct activation via app then this process can be automated further. If the subscription plan has 1 wash per day as limit the next time the user clicks on the “Get wash code” button the user will be notified with a “Only one wash code per day” message.

You also can add up-selling to the car wash flow, allowing the customer the choice of use the current plan, upgrade to higher value wash plan or save time with lower value wash plan. Only available options for the confirmed location will be shown.


Stop my subscription:

The subscription plan can be stopped via My Page and “Manage my subscription”. The customer can also upgrade or downgrade the subscription simply buying another plan.

If the new plan represents an higher value plan, the upgrade is instant giving the subscriber the better Carwash experience from the next wash. The first month price calculation for the upgrade will consider the actual active plan with remaining paid days and auto-renewal next month will be on the plan’s list price. Nevertheless, if the new plan represents a lower value plan, the downgrade will be effective on renewal date to allow usage of the already paid plan.


Rate the experience:

The app may give a rating opportunity at every wash. This allows the customer to rate the car wash experience and the retailer to reward every 5th rating.

The stores are bench-marked in reports on number of ratings and average rating. All ratings per store are presented in store locator details.



Customers can win a free Carwash playing the daily game.

Recruit a friend and get a scratch and win game in the app. Customers can win a voucher which can be shared app to app with friends or family.

Rating the experience 5 times, subscribers get a spin & win game in the app.


The more section: My Page, FAQ, contact support…

The More section can include a FAQ section that links to any website, a contact us section that opens up the e-mail user and sends to the support office. Further there can also be a Refer a friend function in the app.